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Residential Conveyancing

“Conveyancing” is the legal phrase used to describe the transfer of land and all that is on it from one person to another.

Normally this is by way of “sale” and “purchase” but can also include “gift”, “assent” when property passes from a deceased person to their successor, or “transfer of equity” (the transfer of a part or share in the property) which often occurs on the breakdown of a relationship or start of a new one.

Other aspects include “mortgages”, “easements”, and many other rights and interests.

It is even possible to acquire “title” to property by possession if it has been occupied and used to the exclusion of the true owner for a number of years.

Our experienced Solicitors and Conveyancing Executives are able to give expert help and advice in the full range of property matters. If you have a property problem or question contact us by clicking on the “contact us” button, or for further general information click on the buttons at the top right of this page.

What does it cost? Please contact our residential conveyancing team for an estimate or see details of our fees here .

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