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Inheritance Tax

Everyone wants to make sure that their family and loved ones will be cared for after they’ve gone and that you beneift your loved ones as much as possible from your Estate.


Inheritance Tax simply states that for any single person with an estate in excess of £325,000 or a couple with more than £650,000 Tax is payable at 40% on your assets above these figures.


Despite the falling property prices of the last few years many of our clients do exceed these levels. Effective inheritance tax planning can reduce the amount of unnecessary tax you pay, and is the best way to ensure that you and your family can make the most of your wealth.


Our Solicitors at Smith Sutcliffe we have many years' experience of dealing with Inheritance Tax and we have helped many clients make use of the various reliefs to save tax which has helped our client maximise their wealth for future generations.


For further information about Inheritnace Tax and a brief overview of some of the basic reliefs and exemptions available please see our Inheritance Tax Overview.

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