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Probate & Estate Administration

When a person dies, somebody has to deal with their estate (money, property and possessions) by collecting in all the money and assets, paying all debts and tax, and distributing what is left to those people entitled to it.

This process is known as Administration and in order to administer someone's estate, you often require a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration if there is no will (also known as Intestacy

Whether you are an Executor of a Will, a close family relative or friend we can provide you with clear free legal advice on what to do following the death of a loved one.

Initial advice and support for you when someone dies:

Our staff will listen to your particular circumstances and provide you with advice and support covering:

  • The immediate next steps that you need to take (See our Bereavement Guide)
  • An explanation of what Probate is to help you decide whether it is required to administer the estate and who would be the correct person to do this.  We can also advise on the legal, tax and administrative responsibilities associated with the role
  • The options and choices that are available to you when deciding what to do next

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