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Will-writing is vital in the UK as marriages decline

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has recently produced new figures that show that the number of unmarried couples now make up just less than half of the population and that married couples are choosing to separate increasingly late in life.

It is becoming vitally important to make a Will to ensure that partners are not subject to intestacy laws.

Although Britain has made steps to increase the rights of unmarried couples, they are still not treated the same way as their married counterparts in UK law.

Consequently, when one partner dies without leaving a Will the other may often face probate battles with blood children from other marriages and other relatives because they are often unable to continue living in their homes after a partner dies if they did not jointly buy the property or if the property has belonged to one Partner for many years.

If a divorce does not go through before death, the former spouse may inherit all assets if an up to date Will has not been made.

"One of the main reasons for the decrease in the married population and the increase in the single population is the growth of cohabitation by unmarried couples," the ONS report stated.


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14th December 2011, 14:46
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